Jena McShane | Biography

Jena McShane is an artist who doesn’t specialize in any one limited area of photography. From the age of 10, Jena has seen the world in a special way. She moved around a lot, which gave her the opportunity to see, experience, and explore more than the average child. At the age of 19 she first saw Lake Michigan through the lens of a borrowed camera and realized her passion for capturing natural beauty on film. After years of writing with light as a hobby, Jena decided to pursue it as a career. She enrolled in Lansing Community College’s well-known photography program and graduated in the spring of 2010. Currently residing in the Lansing area, Jena is involved in many photo projects including her Zombie and Vintage pin-up series as well as doing landscapes, portraits, and pretty much anything she can get her hands on. Her love and passion for real beauty is strong and expresses itself throughout her work.